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Thank you for considering our exciting opportunity to supercharge your local Real Estate presence through Google. We’re thrilled to reach out personally and bring you up to speed on what we have in store for you.

Unlocking Local Success with Google LSA Partnerships

We are actively seeking Google Local Service Ads (LSA) partners to join our national network. Unlike traditional online ads, our LSA model operates on a pay-per-lead basis, ensuring you only pay when genuine, interested customers reach out to you.

Here's How It Works

We handle the entire initial set-up process, including submitting all necessary documentation such as your headshot, real estate license information, E&O insurance, and more. Once everything is approved and your ad is live, we seamlessly integrate your ad into our well-established infrastructure, including phone systems, software, and dedicated personnel to answer calls on your behalf.

When a legitimate lead comes in, we promptly collect their information and send it to you via text message, allowing you to connect with them within minutes.

Transparent and Cost-Efficient

You pay Google directly for these leads, with costs ranging from $20 to approximately $40 each. The best part? Each phone call is meticulously recorded, and while most disputed leads result in a credit from Google, there are occasional instances where disputes are denied. However, based on our experience with thousands of leads, we’ve observed that this occurs approximately 1 out of every 10-12 closures, making the ROI highly favorable for you.

Subscription Fee Waiver

For a limited time, we’re waiving the subscription fee for our services. Yes, you read that right – you can now enjoy all the advantages of our premium offering for FREE. The only expense is Google Ads, which you pay directly to Google.

What We Gain

For leads outside your primary area, we share them with other agents in our network. This helps us cover the costs of running this system and ensures you receive the maximum benefits.

Act Quickly

This opportunity is time-sensitive, and we encourage you to take action swiftly to secure your subscription fee waiver. If you have any questions or would like to proceed, please let us know.

Why Choose Us?

Partner with us to elevate your local real estate presence on Google through cost-effective pay-per-lead advertising. Benefit from our streamlined setup, efficient infrastructure, and a focus on quality leads. You’ll pay Google directly for verified leads, and our proven system offers an excellent ROI. By collaborating with us, you not only boost your business but also support our network of agents. Act now to enjoy our limited-time subscription fee waiver and get started with confidence.

Ready to Get Started?

If this opportunity aligns with your goals, we can provide you with the agreement that outlines all the details mentioned here.

You’ll need to choose { a primary county / two primary counties } where you are interested in receiving leads, so let me know what those are.

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